yIteb Gantry Quv 'aD HablI'

yIteb Gantry Quv 'aD HablI'

Hoch rewbe'mey'e' lo' neH medium jen precision gantry pat, 'aD ngIm detection yIteb specification artifacts naQ, pov yIqaw dynamic DuHIvDI' 'ej Qap-'ay' measurement taS overweight automotive, aerospace, 'ugh lup mould 'ej industry.

Product Details

law' Dev jungwoq manufacturers 'ej suppliers jen precision yIteb gantry Quv 'aD HablI', yIteb gantry cmms, yIteb gantry, HablI', gantry meausirng luch, bilateral measuirng HablI', bilateral cmm 'aD wa', naDev loS 'oH contact.


product Overview:

je medium jen precision gantry pat rewbe'mey'e' lo' neH automotive, aerospace, 'ugh lup mould 'ej industry, 'aD ngIm detection yIteb specification artifacts naQ, pov yIqaw dynamic DuHIvDI' 'ej Qap overweight-'ay' measurement taS, Sar configuration . pIm Qap poQ ghom-measurement 'ay', Hotlh DuHIvDI' 'ej taS naQmoH wanI'mey yIteb Qap contact-'ay' detection application. jen efficiency, jen precision.




'aD Rangemm







reliable finite element poj cham nI'taHvIS stability luch lulIngmeH.

geometric quantity measurement cham lulIngmeH jen precision reliability 'ej real-time compensation.

specially chut lulajpu'bogh yIteb size yIteb size 'ay' poQ je, application requirements aerospace, aircraft ghom, industry Duj.

diversify configuration scheme 'ej multi-Qap measurement capability users DuHIvDI' Sar wIv.

laH applied Sar environment, ngIm, jen precision naQmoH wanI'mey measurement Hoch bIquv complicate vum,-'ay'.


international 'Itlh Finite Element method (fem, Finite Element method) chut lulajpu'bogh, mathematical method approximate lo' adoptqengsimulatreal tatghantoH, bopummeH je working Sar physical.ghantoH Qagh chenmoH minimum je ngaDmoH taS generateHu'tegh parameters chut lulajpu'bogh scheme 'ej optimizing.

rav Segh gantry tlham, overall layout tlham lo' overall mechanical . vaQ measurement taS DuHIvDI' ralqu'nIStaH mInDu'lIj measurement loghyIteb size, 'ugh Qap-'ay'.

optional precision jen worktable, providing according to pIm customers requirements workbenchtaS pup DuHIvDI'poQ Sam,tIn measurement chep requirementschoghIjtaHghach convenient.

patent super-nI' workbench, cham vergh bogh naQ workbench Qagh micron grade precision qaStaHvIS Hoch lurgh SIch chenmoHreliable measurement benchmark DuHIvDI'.

thjen laHlIj granite, precision grinding 'ej load-bearing adopt ree axis wo' 'e' qaSpu'DI' artificial aging, 000 patlh SIch guarantee wej axis DevwI' accuracy

'obmaQ 'ej QuQ wejes adoptquiescent jejlaw' joH rop jejlaw'-bearing DevwI' mIw.comprised jejlaw' bearings bogh self-cleaning, precision pre-load 'ej jen.

adopted Hat compensation pat, Hat noch decoraterurbogh Hoch axis, ben law' Qap-Hat noch, acquisition real-time 'aD mIw Hat compensation pong ghaj 'ay' measurement 'ej logh layout.

unique chonaDmo', cha'logh vaj cylinder ngI' vergh adopts z axis ngaD yejHaD . z latlh rIp nap, ralqu'nIStaH convenient 'ej leH bracket upper tlham chenmoH.

wej unique patent cham adopts, movement pat Qagh smaller pat response speed tlhIngan, 'ej tlha' chenmoH 'ej ghaHmo' dynamic yIqaw yIteb 'aD luch Dub, movement inertia 'angbogh Da measurement accuracy reduces axis pat yItungHa', qaH QaQ.

summary series protection pat, pum protection DaH nobvam muv,z axis, nach collision warning pat real-time jIH 'eb 'ej So'meH SeH pat 'ej 'aD.boghimprov ghaHmo'e vanglu'Qo'DI' practicability tInCMM.

pat optional accessories:

contact nejwI' 'aD

motorize index nejwI' nach
vagh-axis linkage nejwI' nach

nejwI' nach Hotlh
jen speed jen accuracy vagh-axis nejwI' nach Hotlh,

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