HIvje' le' 'aD HablI'

HIvje' le' 'aD HablI'

le' thickness, flatness je warp HIvje' 'aD chut lulajpu'bogh. diversify 'aD requirements laH ghom 'oH.

Product Details

je wa' Dev jungwoq manufacturers jen precision HIvje' le' 'aD HablI', inspection HIvje', suppliers 'ej naDev loS 'oH contact.

naQ Automatic 'aD pat

le' thickness, flatness je warp HIvje' 'aD chut lulajpu'bogh.diversify 'aD requirements laH ghom 'oH.

ghantoH HablI': Sar 152005 Sar 152005 Sar 172005

luch Parameter

warping degree(mm): 0.015

thickness(μm): 0.2

parallelism(μm): 0.5

chup nejwI' pat

1. qo' noy brand controller je pat 'aD jen 'aD efficiency guarantee.

2. juppu'DajvaD 'aD logh laH DuHIvDI' poS-Segh tlham.

3. wej 'obmaQ Hoch jom movement jan 'aD Qochbe'ghach je reliability guarantee QaD.

4. dc servo nguSDI' Ho' tu'lu'bej synchronous qogh pat movement stability position accuracy 'ej guarantee yItungHa', qaH QaQ 'ej jom Hoch wej 'obmaQ.

5. customerization specs pIm 'aD requirements ghom; QI'yaH-contacting measurement ghor Qap-'ay' features measurement rIn pong optic pat 'aD.

6. nom laH 'ach complicate measurement qaStaHvIS poH shortest rIn 'aD

7. application 21 items mIqta' geometry compensation cham Dub precision stability 'ej. ghaHmo'.

8. Qo'noS adoption f.e.m. (finite element method) optimize chut lulajpu'bogh ngaDmoH 'ej reliable deformation resistance laH lulIngmeH je.

9. HIvje' measurement jatlhQo'ghach laH Dev le' groove chut lulajpu'bogh Qap raSDaq jIHtaH.

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